angela i love the ring bearer bowl. what a wonderful keepsake to have in the house after the wedding!  02.17.10, 5:58pm
Q I love the ring bearer bowl! It's on my wish list for our wedding in 2 months!  02.17.10, 11:51am
Karen Osmond I love you work - simple, clean modern and heartfelt. I love the bowl that says "Be simple, be loving, be true". Isn't that what marriage is all about? Thanks for the great work and inspiration!  02.17.10, 10:55am
Anja I love the custom wood notes  02.17.10, 12:44am
Leslie I love paloma's nest!! I love the I carry your heart!!  02.16.10, 10:14pm
Kenya F. Hellllloo Caroline! I love Paloma's Nest bowls. My favorite is Custome Glided Dove. It's beautiful!  02.16.10, 9:55pm
Colleen I love the blooming branch ring bearer bowl, i have been coveting it for a while now!  02.16.10, 9:23pm
Angelica I've been eyeing these bowls for quite a while on Etsy. Congratulations, Caroline! I love the clean simplicity of the bowl that says "To Have and To Hold." I would especially love to have it in silver leaf edge. What really draws me to Paloma's Nest is the idea that the bowl can be used every night to hold our rings as we sleep -- a constant reminder of our vows and our big day. I also like that it is something we can pass along as a family heirloom -- perhaps our kids (one day) would want to use it in their wedding!  02.16.10, 7:49pm
Colby C. Thanks for this great give away! I love the blooming branch bowl, it would fit perfectly with our nature theme and would be great for our ring warming ceremony!  02.16.10, 3:06pm
Kimberly Chang I would LOVE to have a custom ringbearer's bowl that I could use after my wedding too to carry our rings every night.  02.16.10, 2:32pm
Kimberly I love Caroline's Tiny Text Bowls! They are really unique and chic. I could see a ring bearer carrying rings in the bowl, or using it as an piece on the coffee table or mounting it on the wall as wall art. Very innovative!  02.16.10, 2:07pm
Mari M. I have always adored Paloma's Nest! My fiance and I would love to have the custom silver leaf edge bowl. We want to do a ring warming ceremony, so it would be just perfect!  02.16.10, 1:43pm
Megan I love the ring bearer bowl and I love the text too. I was just talking about looking into getting one of these this weekend too :)  02.16.10, 12:30pm
Angel I'm a HUGE fan of Paloma's Nest and featured her gorgeous wares a few months ago so I'm sooooo excited to see her new site and a chance to win one of her stunning creations. The custom blooming branch Ring Bearer Bowl matches the style of our invitation suite to a tee. We would love the chance to own such a heartfelt piece of handmade work!  02.16.10, 11:37am
Julia I love the two branches one tree design. Such a gorgeous sentiment and so reflective of our perspective, personalities and lives together. I would definitely use it for the wedding and for keeping my ring safe every night!  02.16.10, 10:08am
Thelma I love the custom gilded dove bowl.  02.16.10, 5:04am
Rachel E. I love the Be Happy. Be Loving. Be True bowl. It's the perfect message, especially because our last name has "tru" in it. This would be a wonderful keepsake for our July wedding!  02.16.10, 2:46am
Melissa The silver-leaf edged ring bearer bowl is simply beautiful! My Fiance and I have -so- many things we say to each other all the time, and I can just imagine the sort of sentiments we'd come up with to have imprinted on it (probably something from our favorite Philip Glass piece, Knee Play 5, from his opera Einstein on the Beach)-- along with our wedding date, of course-- 6/11/2011!  02.16.10, 1:55am
Anne I'm so glad you posted about Paloma's Nest! I've seen her work everywhere and never known where it originated. My favorite is "Two Branches One Tree." I love the gold finish and the tree motif is perfect because we're getting married under a tree in Vermont.  02.16.10, 12:46am
Nancy I've been eyeing items from Paloma's Nest for awhile now. Just love the simplicity of her work. And that is what my wedding is all about, simplicity. I just LOVE the BRIDAL BOUQUET TEXT TILE...Always and Forever!  02.16.10, 12:01am
Kendra I am smitten with the ring bearer bowls. Every time I see a wedding post where a couple used them, i die. So sweet. Such a great keepsake.  02.15.10, 11:24pm
Sarah Caroline, your work is SO lovely. I've seen so many brides use your ring bearer bowls, and your "Be happy, be loving, be true" bowl would be especially meaningful to my fiance and I as we move to a new city, start a PhD program and job (respectively), and begin our lives together after we get married! Having such simple and wise words as a memento in our house would be a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day!  02.15.10, 10:48pm
Sushmita S What beautiful, elegant designs! I love the blooming branch ring bearer bowls the best. So pretty :)  02.15.10, 10:44pm
Jenell I would love to win the cusotm wedding vowel bowl. Since I'm not getting married in the state that I live in, I don't think there will be many things that I can bring home as keepsakes after my August 2010 wedding. I think this would be a great way to remember our wedding day.  02.15.10, 10:07pm
Sharon Seeing as I'm planning a wedding, the ring bearer bowl would be the essential item! I'd swap out the string for some string from each of my late grandmothers' sewing kits and keep it safe for my child... I love the "two branches, one tree" sentiment.  02.15.10, 10:05pm
Katie I love this!! I have been trying to think of something outside of the traditional "pillow". I would love to have a custom bowl w/ our names and the date of wedding.  02.15.10, 7:55pm
Alison Oh wow, what a great giveaway! I love the beauty and simplicity of all of her pieces. My favorite is the custom blooming branch ring bearer bowl. Fingers crossed!  02.15.10, 7:53pm
Katie Murray I LOVE the custom gold leaf edge ring bearer bowl. I would have it stamped with our wedding date 6-12-2010 and the words "I like you" the title of the book we're using for our ceremony reading.  02.15.10, 7:48pm
Mandy Robarge The ring bearer bowl that read "To have and to hold" is the must have piece for me. Everyday when you drop your rings down on it you would be reminded of the vows you made to each other.  02.15.10, 6:51pm
Abby So far, my wedding budget has been a long session of give and take as far as what I'd cut and what I'd keep. To win the "The Sun The Moon The Start For You" bowl would make me unbelievably happy with this one precious momento with no hassle behind it.  02.15.10, 6:42pm
Kheng I could use a bowl for my rings. I wanted a bowl for Christmas and didn't get one, so winning a bowl would be great. I am in love with the "I Carry Your Heart" bowl.  02.15.10, 4:26pm
Jen I have been eyeing these up for quite some time on etsy and think they are just adorable! Unfortunately we didn't have a ring bearer, but if we did I would have picked this one that would have beautifully complemented our outdoor wedding ceremony that centered around this exact theme:  02.15.10, 4:16pm
Elise *sigh* Ah, Paloma's Nest. Everything Caroline makes is lovely, but I think my favorite are the custom text bowls.  02.15.10, 4:04pm
kathleen i love the eggs!  02.15.10, 3:36pm
Terry i love her work -- its so refreshingly unique!  02.15.10, 3:19pm
Devon Harlow I absolutely LOVE everything from Paloma's nest! I go to her etsy store all the time and just drool!!! The ring bearer bowl is one of my absolute favorites - and I also adore the chiristmas/holiday ornaments that she made last december. Oh I hope I get picked!!!  02.15.10, 3:17pm
BVJ I went to a co-workers wedding last year that had a ring bearer bowl from Paloma's Nest. I thought it was a cool idea. My favorite pieces is Custom heart-shaped Ring Bearer Bowl. Awesome Giveaway!  02.15.10, 2:56pm
Gina I love the building blocks with inspirational sayings. I would keep mine on 'live simply' for a little daily reminder.  02.15.10, 2:29pm
Megan These are so beautiful! The "Two Branches One Tree" Ring Bearer Bowl is definitely the one for us! Thank you!  02.15.10, 2:21pm
Hillary B oh, i must have one of the custom bowls with our names and wedding date to put our rings in! i'm an austin bride so of course love that paloma's nest is local! to win the ring bearer bowl would be such a wonderful treat!  02.15.10, 2:17pm
Kelly I love the idea of the wedding heirloom text tile! My parents had something similar on their bedroom door when I was growing up, a beautiful ceramic piece that reminded them of their wedding. I would love to have something similar for our wedding in October!  02.15.10, 2:07pm
Allie The two branches, one tree bowl would be PERFECT for our giving tree/roots theme. If I don't win, I'm STILL buying it, haha.  02.15.10, 2:02pm
kandyce also, i LOVE LOVE the "may your days together be good and long upon the earth." if i don't win, i might have to buy it. :)  02.15.10, 1:45pm
kandyce i LOVE both 'the sun, the moon, the stars for you' and the 'two branches, one tree' ring bearer bowls. i'd love to use one of these in my wedding in may!  02.15.10, 1:44pm
Kristina I love the ring bearer bowl I Carry Your Heart, my must have. If I don't win it I will most certainly buy it!  02.15.10, 1:28pm
Julia R I'm getting married this July and I adore her wedding bouquet tiles! I'd love to get not only one for myself but one for each of the girls in our party (we have both genders on both sides). I'd personalize them to each girl so it'd be something that would truly reflect who each amazing girl is. =)  02.15.10, 1:05pm
Kelsey I love the "I Carry Your Heart" ring bearer bowl. We're thinking of using that poem in our ceremony so it would be perfect!  02.15.10, 12:59pm
Amy the laugh often bowl would be perfect for me :) gorgeous work!  02.15.10, 12:30pm
Kathryn The site is gorgeous! We're getting married in Austin later this year. I would be so honored to incorporate a Ring Bearer Bowl in our wedding!!  02.15.10, 12:13pm
Sonja My fiance and I will be married this spring (April!) and just love this simple, modern concept of carrying the rings in a beautiful bowl! The cutsom blooming branch would match our modern wedding perfectly. And I love that I'll be able to use this as a jewelry holder, or display it on a wall! So cute!  02.15.10, 12:12pm
Lauren I absolutely adore the "For Always" bridal bouquet tile. I've never seen them used over here in the UK, so that would be my must-have for something a bit different.  02.15.10, 11:56am
Brit I love the Ring Bearer bowl the most. Not only is it more practical than a pillow, but the couple can use the bowl for their rings long after the wedding. And, it's a great reminder of that special day!  02.15.10, 11:04am
Marion I love the blooming branch bearer bowl, it is so delicate and totally matching the deco of our wedding (August 14th in the South of France) : birds, branches and moss! Thanx for your site, it gives me a lot of inspiration and ideas for our wedding!  02.15.10, 11:02am
Anne-Catherine Rioux The custom heart-shaped Ring Bearer Bowl" is absolutly divine!  02.15.10, 10:52am
Rebecca D I LOVE the ring bearer bowls! I want to get one so that I can photograph our rings in one of the classy, simple bowls. I've been wanting one for a while, now that I'm engaged if I don't win one I'm definitely buying one!  02.15.10, 10:48am
Jessca I love the ring bearer bowl with the poem. I am an English teacher, so this would be the perfect way to incorporate my love for literature!  02.15.10, 10:47am
TB I love all of the items at Paloma's Nest! However, I especially love the I Carry Your Heart Ring Bearer Bowl - my little nephew will look so cute walking with it. After the wedding, it will be a great place where we can put our rings when we are not wearing them. Plus, it will serve as a visual reminder of a great day!  02.15.10, 10:32am
Lindsay Sawyer Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love love love the wooden stationary it is so unique! Of course I also love the bouquet tags, these would be a great heirloom to pass down!  02.15.10, 10:09am
Melanie D. I think the wooden stationary is totally amazing. I especially love that it can be customized. What a wonderful way to add some extra umph to bridal party gifts, right?  02.15.10, 9:48am
Kim Thanks for posting these unique gifts! I adore the idea of having a mini custom bowl created... My fiance is Portuguese, so having the same message in both languages is so special, endearing, and only possible through a custom creation like this! :)  02.15.10, 9:41am
Brooke I am loving the 'I carry your heart with me' ring bearer bowl. That poem by EE Cummings is so sentimental and beautiful. The bowl really brings the words to life!  02.15.10, 9:38am
Beth I love the blooming branch bowl. Perfect for our spring wedding! And lovely for our home for the rest of our marriage. :)  02.15.10, 8:50am
Annette A ring bearers bowl from Paloma's Nest has been on my must-have list, so happy for her to see a full website now. I would choose a custom ring bearers bowl, either the plain one or rimmed with gold leaf. I look at this as a chance to begin a family tradition of using the bowl...its timeless.  02.15.10, 8:47am
Becca Ooh, I am completely in love with the blooming branch bowl. It's absolutely beautiful!  02.15.10, 8:46am
The June Bride I love the Blooming Branch Ring Bearer Bowl. I envision my adorable nephew carrying it down the aisle to my husband-to-be and I with a blue ribbon attached. Afterward, it would sit on my nightstand and hold my rings.  02.15.10, 8:43am
Amanda W KISS. BESO. BISOU. tiny text bowl is perfect for us! We are planning on going to Spain and France for our honeymoon, what better way to celebrate it all! Thanks! Keep up the great blogging! :)  02.15.10, 8:33am
The Dorset Bride Ever since my gorgeous boyfriend proposed I've had Paloma's Nest bookmarked in my browser... I dream of a ring bearer bowl inscribed with another line from ee cummings: And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart. We also have a tradition in our family of adding a new ornament to our Christmas tree every year; I think one of Caroline's beautiful bowls would be the perfect first new addition for our first Christmas as a married couple!  02.15.10, 8:23am
Ashley I would love a custom text bowl! No ring bearer for us but I'd love to have a little dish to sit on the bathroom sick for jewelry.  02.15.10, 8:16am
Kathryn Foster the ring bearer bowl is definitely my favourite piece on her gorgeous site ! i just got engaged on the 13th, so am already having lots of wedding thoughts, and this would be perfect !!!  02.15.10, 7:54am